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Don't let unsightly stretch marks hurt your confidence or prevent you from wearing your favorite bikini anymore! Despite the false claims made by products that fail to live up to their own hype, there are reliable solutions that are proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and restore your skin's youthful appearance. The problem is finding out what actually works, and what doesn't.

If you're tired of living with the embarrassment and self-consciousness that stretch marks cause, then you've come to the right place. There are many different skin care solutions available that claim to help get rid of stretch marks, but the truth is that most of them only treat the surface of the skin, instead of the epidermis layer, where the real damage lies.

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Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
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Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
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We hope that this free information will help you remove those unsightly stretch marks, regain your confidence, and feel better about your physical appearance. Without further ado, we present to you the top rated stretch mark removal creams for 2011....
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Best Stretch Mark Cream
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Stretch mark removal can be very effective with a quality stretch mark cream. Stretch mark are a well-known skin problem, which causes considerable distress to those that have them and can be removed with a natural skin care treatment, stretch mark cream, laser treatment or stretch mark surgery. Some have even visited Mayo clinic, to effectively heal the appearance of skin scars.

Stretch mark are actually linear scars, which affect a thin layer of the skin and are the consequence of a rapid stretching of the skin. This is associated with, and occurs during pregnancy, so pregnant women, watch out. It is also associated with obesity, i.e. because of weight gain over time, puberty growth spurts or any other fast weight gain that can happen with men weightlifters and body builders.

When stretch marks first appear they are purple or reddish lines. However they fade with age and eventually turn silver in color. The areas of the skin affected look empty and are soft to touch.

When searching for stretch marks treatment to heal stretch marks, it’s important to know that the layer of skin that needs to be treated actually has three layers, the epidermis which is the top layer, the dermis or middle layer and the subcutaneous stratum, which is the inner layer. The dermis is responsible for helping skin keep its shape. When the skin is stretched over a period of time, it becomes less elastic, so that the dermis loses its support causing dermal and epidermal tearing, what we call stretch marks. And there is a stretch marks cream that works extremely well for this.

Stretch marks usually appear in the areas of the body where the highest amounts of fat are stored (i.e. during pregnancy and maternity, when having a new baby) and the most common areas are the stomach, upper arms, breasts, underarms, hips, buttocks and the inner and outer thighs. A quality stretch marks cream can handle all of this and more.
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark With A Stretch Mark Cream
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
There are various options when it comes to treating stretch marks. If you are really serious about getting rid of stretch marks, it’s probably best to use a guaranteed-effective stretch mark cream for stretch mark removal or to be under the care of a dermatologist or surgeon or who can advise what your best options are. He or she can take a comprehensive medical history, including medications that you are taking. It is a fact that some medications, like steroids and hormones, may cause this, so it is important that you are honest with your doctor.

There are skin care surgical methods, like chemical peels and dermabrasion, which may be used to tackle unwanted stretch marks, and recently there have been many new advances in laser surgery. The amount of success of any stretch mark removal treatment will be influenced by your skin tone, age, and even diet. Insurance coverage does not usually extend to stretch marks removal, even if they are severe, as this is a cosmetic procedure.
Stretch Mark Removal
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
There is a good deal of over-the-counter treatments to prevent stretch marks skin problem. These include Vitamin E oil, stretch mark removal cream, coconut oil, butter lotion, olive oil remedy, aloe Vera, cocoa butter… Bio-oil stretch mark removal may be one such specially prepared home remedy formula for both stretch marks and scar removal (scars and acne). And there are a good number of stretch marks cream reviews praising the worth to prevent them throughout pregnancy.

There are also some relatively newly developed stretch mark cream products that are only available online and some of these like Striafade are receiving amazing reviews. You could also check Revitol for stretch marks, which has been reported to work very well for wrinkles too.

Your diet and taking regular light exercise can go a long way in helping you to maintain a healthy skin, as can drinking plenty of water. An adequate daily supply of water keeps it soft and elastic, so it is less likely to be affected.

A nutritional deficiency can cause stretch marks too; so, to avoid stretch marks, cellulite, and to take care of your beauty, make sure you eat foods, which are known to promote a healthy skin and weight loss, such as nuts, and fish that are rich in zinc. Milk, fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin A, C, D and protein rich food, like fish and eggs.

Use a high-quality, skin treatment stretch mark cream to make the whole process of stretch marks removal even faster and easier.
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Choosing The Best Stretch Mark Cream
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
It is actually evident that a lot of people are experiencing one of the most common skin conditions, stretch marks or medically known as striae. It is truly an awful site to see seeing striae on different parts of your body; on your stomach, upper arms, underarms, buttocks, breasts, or thighs which are the common sites of these striae. Due to its increasing occurrence, a lot of cosmetic companies have developed there own stretch marks cream to address this problem. Because of this, consumers are now experiencing a difficult time in choosing the best stretch mark cream available in the market. To help you in selecting and purchasing this product, here are certain things that should serve as a guide in your selection and buying process.

1. Check the ingredients of the cream.

The efficiency of the stretch mark creams basically is dependent upon the ingredients found within the cream. It is best to choose a stretch mark cream that contains 100% natural ingredients especially those approved by the Food and Drug administration of your country. With these, you are assured that the product you applied is proven to be effective that deals well with your stretch marks making it less visible or eliminated totally.

Certain ingredients that you should look for are as follows: aloe vera, cocoa butter, elastin, collagen, Vitamin E, emu oil, rose hip oil, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), grapefruit seed extract, advanced peptides, retinyl palmitate, shea butter, helichrysum, as well as siegesbeckia orientalis.

2. Read reviews and testimonials regarding the cream.

As soon as you have decided certain creams that have natural ingredients, you now check how such creams work. Obviously, it should deal with root cause of the problem. The cream should moisturize the affected parts of the body since dryness is one cause behind the occurrence of stretch marks. It should remove deal tissues for new healthy cells to grow thus skin rejuvenation takes place.

Moreover, the skin’s suppleness thus lowering the chances of developing further stretch marks on your body. It should be able to promote as well the production of collagen through penetrating the affected layers of the skin. This information can be gathered through reviewing the facts about the product, as well as reading testimonials and reviews from people who have use such product. Pick as well those who were endorsed by health magazines as well as medical professionals or doctors since they know which works best. Choose as well the product that is proven less or no side effects with evident positive results.

3. Know the company behind the cream.

You should take note to buy creams coming from credible as well as reputable companies. Select a company who has been doing these creams from a long time with no reported dishonest or scammed practices. The company should as well offer money back guarantee which proves to their consumers that they don’t fear to give back the consumer’s money because they know their product is effect. If they as well provide samples, then try the samples to know if it works efficiently. They should as well sell the product at a reasonable price. Basically, this means that the company with its product meets the needs of their client at reasonable terms and price.

Using Dermabrasion To Treat Stretch Mark 
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Dermabrasion is a serious cosmetic procedure essentially sands away the surface layer of the skin as explicated by the American Academy of Dermatology. This definitely is not a procedure for the faint of heart. During the procedure, the patient is placed under general anesthesia while a high speed rotating brush is guided along your skin’s surface to get rid of areas with discoloration, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and those with sun damage.

Before the procedure, your skin will be prepped. A rotary instrument will then makes a controlled wound over the marks. The wound will heal after 10 days wherein new epidermal cells will grow in that area. After 8 to 12 weeks, the skin will return to its normal appearance which will lessen the appearance of the striae. You should keep in mind that dermabrasion does not correct the problem. Stretch marks do not only affect the outermost layer of the skin, yet this procedure only touches the outermost layer.

To treat the other layers of the skin that dermabrasion cannot reach, you need to apply other methods that can penetrate the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. You have two options, topical medications and laser energy. These two methods stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which are found beneath the epidermis. As they build up, the make the texture appear regular and even. Therefore, dermabration is effective when combined with other treatments.

Since it is an invasive procedure, dermabrasion comes with potential complications or risk. One of the potential side effects is hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation as well. This basically means that after the procedure, the treated area will not be of the same color with the untreated ones after healing. It’s as well possible that there will be thickening of the skin in the treated parts. These side effects are permanent and will need to undergo another treatment to be corrected.

Dermabrasion is considered as one of the most expensive treatment for stretch marks which typically cost around $1000 to $3000. This as well is considered a painful procedure that’s why the patient is placed under general anesthesia. The results as well will be visible after few months. Therefore, stretch mark creams are still better than this procedure. They are naturally made therefore they are safe to use with less or no side effects. Plus, they are affordable and the expected results appear with regular application of the cream.
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Laser Stretch Mark Removal
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
A revolutionary treatment for the removal of stretch is the laser surgery. It is a non-invasive procedure that repairs the damaged collagen located underneath our skin that causes stretch mark formation. This doesn’t cause any harm to our body yet this is an unsightly view especially for women who are very conscious of their appearance. These may be due to pregnancy, rapid weight as well as weight loss. These stretch mark are typically seen in the buttocks, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, and hips.

Laser Stretch Removal Procedure

During the procedure on laser stretch mark removal, a beam of light will be utilized to remove the thin layers of skin located around the marks. Since this is an invasive procedure, instead of cutting the skin open or burning it, it utilizes an ultraviolet laser light to in the disruption of the skin tissue’s molecular bonds. Once the procedure is done, the skin will then heal thus new layers of skin will form. Expectedly, stretched marks will be removed and a healthy and new layer of skin will be the outcome.

After the Laser Stretch Removal Procedure

You will notice that after the procedure, the area treated will appear red and tender. The reason behind is that a new skin is in its process of growth after the scarred skin was removed. Other symptoms you may experience are blistering, and symptoms found in burnt skin which is just temporary. Most of the patients heal from this procedure after a several days while some may heal after a few weeks especially those who underwent extensive treatment.

The success of this procedure depends on the prevalence as well as the age of the stretch marks. Therefore, the older the stretch marks, the more difficult it is to treat than the young ones. This procedure may be repeated 10 times for stretch marks to be totally removed. In some serious cases, stretch marks may only be reduced visibly and not totally eradicated.

Laser stretch mark removal may cost around $200 dollars depending on the severity and the country you are going to have your treatment. Typically, you will pay every time you have your treatment rather than in a package deal. That’s why this is considered the most expensive stretch mark removal procedure. Aside form that, there are risk that accompany such procedure like superficial tissue damage due to mishandled laser. Therefore, you should seek treatment on a certified cosmetic dermatologist. Other risks include blistering as well as negative reactions to the procedure
Microdermabrasion Stretch Mark Removal
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Microdermabrasion, like laser stretch mark surgery, is a non-invasive as well as non-chemical method of getting rid of the outermost layer of the skin with dry dead cells. Through the removal of this layer, new skin growth may take place in the areas that were treated.

During the treatment, small crystals like aluminum oxide will be sprayed on to the areas to be treated. The purpose of such application to the skin’s surface is to remove the outermost layer of the skin. Together with this, suction will be applied to get rid of the dead skin as well as crystals from the skin. The force of the suction as well as the amount of suction to be applied can vary since a stronger spray will result to a deeper penetration to the skin’s outermost layer. In the treated areas, new and healthy skin will replace the dead and scarred tissues thus resulting to a healthier skin appearance. Through this, scars and wrinkles will reduce in size as microdermabrasion treatment is done successively.

In the process of stretch mark formation, the collagen and elastin found in the dermis are broken down which cannot return to their normal structure, therefore a stretch mark is formed. During the process, the dermis as well is stretched which makes it appear translucent and thin. Microdermabrasin does not treat stretch marks in the dermal layer, instead it can have excellent healing effects on the epidermal layer with stretched marks.

This treatment works efficiently with fine lines, small wrinkles, as well as scars found on the superficial layer of the skin. Most of the patients will undergo 5 to 12 sessions with 2 to 3 weeks apart. The length of the treatment may even be longer than 12 sessions if the stretch marks are bigger and older. One session may last for 2 hours when talking about stretch mark treatments. Cost for this treatment varies from $75 to $150 per treatment and may need multiple treatments in certain cases.

The risk associated with microdermabrasion may take place during unsterile circumstances or perhaps improper application of the procedure. Patients may be high risk for infections when this happens, especially if the application as well as the vacuum is not sterilized properly. If the machine as well is used improperly, then the patient’s skin can be perforated by the crystals used in the procedure. Although this treatment is regarded as the effective and safe, it is still associated with side effects that made worsen the skin problem of the patient. Therefore, stretch mark removal creams are still your best bet since they are affordable, effective and safe.
Stretch Mark Caused By Weight Loss
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Stretch marks, medically known as striae, are due to tears in the inner layers of the skin which may be caused by a lot of circumstances yet commonly due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, and grow spurts. Around 90% of pregnant women experiences stretch post pregnancy. Appearance of stretch marks may be embarrassing especially for women. However, this can be prevented since the formation of stretch comprise of different factors. These factors include skin elasticity, skin tone, hormonal fluctuations, and weight gain or weight loss after pregnancy.

At first the marks may appear reddish or purplish, but later on it will turn silvery in color. When it reaches this color, it becomes difficult to eliminate totally. The best way to avoid these stretch marks is not to have them in the first place. Though this may be difficult to achieve, you may do certain things to reduce the chances of stretch mark appearance.

During weight gain, the skin is stretched more than its capacity in just a short span of time. The sudden increase in weight causes the dermis, the middle layer of the skin to lose its elasticity then break. Consequently, tearing as well as minor bleeding will occur. Thus, there is an appearance of pinkish and purplish marks on the skin. As time passes by, the tear heals and a scar appears which is silvery in color. These marks become more visible as the person loses weight quickly.

Therefore, to prevent the formation of stretch marks, you should lose weight gradually and at a slow pace. In losing weight, try to maintain a well balanced diet that should contains the intake of fruits and vegetables, nuts, white meats and whole grains. Keep yourself hydrated as well through consuming 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. A well hydrated body will help keep your skin’s elasticity which is one of the vital factors in preventing stretch mark formation. Regular exercise is needed as well to keep your skin flexible. Remember that the chances of having this are higher when your skin is elastic and flexible.

Yet if your still in doubt that the tips mentioned above will not be sufficient to keep your skin from having stretch marks, then you may apply another helpful remedy which is the stretch mark creams. The natural stretch mark creams are one of the best methods to prevent stretch marks during and after pregnany. These creams act through stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, important protein in our dermal layer. With enough collagen and elastin, your skin becomes stronger and more resilient therefore harder to break. There will be lesser chances for stretch marks to appear as the result of natural stretch mark cream application.
How To Remove Stretch Mark Fast
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Stretch marks or striae is one of the most common skin conditions that occurs at any part of the body where fat is stored. This can take place in the stomach, upper arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks. There are a lot of reasons behind the occurrences of stretch marks. It can be due to body building, intense physical activity, childbirth and rapid weight loss and weight gain. The marks occur at the second layer of the skin that’s why it becomes difficult to remove. However, with the advent of technology, and with the innovation of individuals, a lot of ways have been found to remove stretch marks quickly. Below are some of these ways to get rid of these striae.

One should take a bath; advisably hot water that improves the blood circulation in the body, thus reduces the appearance of stretch marks quickly. While taking a bath, strongly scrub the area that have stretch marks using a loofah since it will take away the dead skin cells found on the skin’s surface. This in turn will lessen the appearance of the stretch marks.

Keep yourself hydrated. Water as we all know keeps the skin well hydrated thus our skin is moist and becomes suppler. The more hydrated the skin is, the lesser chance it will be for stretch marks to occur. It as well helps in the removal of toxin within the body. Therefore, it is advised to stick with the rule of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day or 64 ounces of water per day.

Another thing you should remember is to consume a healthy diet since eating a healthy and well balanced meal, you will gain essential nutrients from these meals. Consume foods such as fish since it is rich in protein which helps in increasing the production of collagen, a protein found in the skin of the body. It will therefore help in increasing the strength and elasticity of the skin that helps in removing stretch marks.

You may as well rub coffee ground mixture in the affected areas. The coffee ground is said to help reduce the appearance of these striae quickly through refreshing the skin. Those models of runaway shows even use three grind cups of coffee plus three tablespoons of olive oil to reduce the appearance of stretch marks prior to the show. They mix these thoroughly then applied it on the affected areas using the enough amount or pressure for 5 minutes. They then wrap it tightly with a towel and stay for 30 minutes then after rinse it well.

One of the most expensive options of removing stretch marks quickly is through undergoing surgery. This may either be laser treatment, chemical peel, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. These procedures address the problem through different ways and through a series of sessions. This stretch mark removal is considered the most expensive because they may cost about $1,000 or more.

Lastly, the most effective of among the stretch mark removal options is through the use of stretch mark creams. These creams typically contain 100% natural ingredients that help in reducing or perhaps removing the appearance of stretch marks quickly. This is considered one of the safest methods since you just need to apply this regularly and see your desired results. 
Does Cocoa Butter Works For Stretch Mark?
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Cocoa butter, an ingredient found in most stretch mark removal creams. has long believed to be the solution to getting rid of stretch marks. A lot of people favorably choose this ingredient because aside from being economical, it is as well a natural solution.

Our skin is naturally supple and flexible, but like other things, it has certain limitations as how far it can be stretched. If the skin is stretched over its limits, the skin begins to break down, resulting in the appearance of stretch marks. Another reason for stretch marks is the loss of collagen, which not only causes stretch marks, but even causes the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, is believed to be a great solution in situations such as these.

Cocoa butter is considered to be useful in treating stretch marks because it is believed to penetrate the topmost layer of the skin. Thus, it can reach up to the dermal layer, the second layer of the stretch wherein stretch marks are thought to originate. The ingredients within the butter will then work and begin repairing the affected areas. This is considered safe without having to worry about the possibility of side effects that they usually experience in using synthetic based products. Aside from removing the stretch marks, cocoa butter also gets rid of skin discoloration brought about by stretch marks. A lot of consumers who have tried using cocoa butter have highly recommended it since it is said to be effective and economical.

However, other people say that cocoa butter is only effective in slightly fading the stretch marks, but not removing them at all. Others say that there are still other ingredients that are more effective than cocoa butter, especially those stretch mark creams that contain all the necessary ingredients to get rid of stretch marks. There was also a study conducted that has shown that applying cocoa butter during pregnancy is not a good way to prevent stretch marks from occurring. The key not to have stretch marks is through using and doing other prevention methods such as stretch mark creams that contain all the needed ingredients and not just cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter may sound like a pretty miraculous ingredient; however it is not the miracle cure for striae or stretch marks. Cocoa butter will only be helpful in preventing and getting rid of stretch marks when used collectively with other effective stretch mark ingredients. One example is through using cocoa butter together with a great collagen stretch mark cream to get the optimum results.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it basically protects us from all the harmful things in our environment. However, it also has its limitations. You must always remember to keep your skin healthy through healthy diet plans and exercising regularly. And in instances where skin problems like stretch marks may occur, always remember that cocoa butter is not the sole ingredient to get rid of it.
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark On Breast
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
One of the most common reasons why stretch marks form in a woman’s breast is due to pregnancy. It’s actually one of the main concerns of pregnant women aside from the stretch marks formed in their abdomen. This takes place during pregnancy because breast tissues undergo a process of restructuring and regenerating during the pregnancy phase. But what are the other reasons behind the formation of breast stretch marks? How can women prevent or get rid of it? Below are the answers to the most common questions of women.

Essentially, the rapid increase in the breast size is the most common reason why pregnant women get stretch marks. During pregnancy, the woman’s body gets itself ready to nourish not just the mother but also the baby. Due to the sudden increment in the breast size, the skin surrounding the area tends to get stretched beyond its limits plus it doesn’t have ample time to regenerate or grow properly. The skin is made up of collagen which is responsible for strengthening and making the skin smooth and flexible. When there is a sudden stretch in the skin, there is a tendency that the underneath breaks, thus resulting in skin scarring followed by stretch mark formation. These stretch marks may be red, pink or white lines depending on what stage it is.

However, we should remember that pregnancy is not the mere reason why women get stretch marks in their breasts. Surgical procedures can be another reason such as breast augmentation. Sudden changes in weight and growth spurts in teenage girls are other reasons too. Furthermore, even men who do bodybuilding are prone to having stretch marks in the chest area brought about by sudden skin stretching and rapid growth of their muscles.

Now that the causes behind the formation of stretch marks are known, we can now find effective solutions to this skin problem. One of the most expensive solutions is surgery which is considered the last resort as well. Surgical procedures can either be through laser surgery or through breast augmentation. Though it gives immediate results, not all individuals would want to go through the risks of surgery plus the procedure is very expensive.

You can also take Vitamin E which is considered effective in any kind of skin conditions. Actually, Vitamin E is commonly found in most skin products at present. Since it is an antioxidant, it can be helpful in repairing and rejuvenating dead skin cells. You can as well do workouts like push ups to strengthen the tissues in the chest or breast area. Perform cardio exercises too to improve the circulation of blood within your body.

Lastly, the best way to get rid of stretch marks is through the use of topical treatments or cream. These creams contain potent yet safe ingredients like Vitamins, proteins and glycolic acid that are very effective in healing the damaged skin plus they also have antibacterial characteristics. They also moisturize the skin and increase strength and texture - resulting in the elimination of breasts stretch marks.
Prevent Stretch Mark During Pregnancy
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Although finding out you are pregnant is an amazing time in your life, there will be things changing within your body and your skin will be stretching. Some women are very lucky and they get very few or even sometimes no stretch marks at all. Whilst other women suffer from them badly and want to find any sort of cure to help them fade once they have had the baby.

There are several different stretch mark creams and lotions that you can apply to your stomach - but only some are every effective and others have little effect. You should try to begin using the cream as soon as you begin to grow in size. This will help your skin to stay as subtle and flexible as possible and hopefully will stop the stretch marks becoming too bad. You should also try and not gain too much weight although you will need to put on a healthy amount. Rapidly gaining weight will make the stretch marks worse and this can cause you other problems as well.

You should try to scratch the stretch marks as little as possible or this could lead to scarring - massaging the area will help the itching. If you are applying creams to your stomach then you will want to ensure that it is a high quality cream which is great for stretch marks. One cream that is very popular amongst pregnant mothers is the Revitol as it boasts the added bonus of being able to help with existing stretch mark scars as well. The cream helps to encourage healthy skin whilst keeping it firm. The revitol cream helps to improve any stretch marks you may have previously and will help to prevent any new ones appearing. It is easy to apply and has 100% natural ingredients.

The high levels of vitamins in the creams will help to increase the elasticity of your skin and this will allow your body to form a larger shape without stretching too much. The movement of applying the revitol cream will help to produce new skin cells and these will allow your skin to be more subtle than normal. Applying this cream in the early stages of your pregnancy can make all of the difference and if you use it daily, then you really will feel the difference on your stomach. Prevention really is the key to avoiding stretch marks rather than waiting for them to appear and then trying to deal with them.

If you can help your body to adjust to the new way it will have to grow then this is a good thing and will make your pregnancy far more comfortable and enjoyable. Changes to your body are always going to happen and you will want to go back to looking fantastic after the birth of your beautiful baby. By using the revitol cream this can help you to feel confident and sexy all the way through your pregnancy. You should ensure that you buy a cream that has a proven record of being fantastic and not be fooled by other brands making claims they cannot prove.
Treats AND Prevents Stretch Marks
Smoothen and Strengthen Skin
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

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Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Success Stories
Treats AND Prevents Stretch Marks
Smoothen and Strengthen Skin
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Fades Discoloration Of the Skin
Fades Discoloration Of the Skin
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Fades Discoloration Of the Skin
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
No one wants to have stretch marks, but these skin blemishes can appear at any time. In most cases, stretch marks appear when there is pregnancy or obesity involved. Although these marks affect mostly females some men can develop these same unattractive lines if they gain weight quickly or add too much muscle mass to their body in a short period of time.

Stretch marks are the result of damage to the underlying support system of the skin. When the skin is forced to stretch too far or too fast then it literally rips the mesh of fibers and those striated lines become visible. The hips, thighs, abdomen and butt are the most common places where stretch marks occur, but some people develop stretch marks on their upper arms and breasts.

Your stretched skin will try to repair itself as best it can; however in most cases it is extremely difficult to reverse the appearance of stretch marks. People have long been searching for a reliable and easy to use solution for these unappealing blemishes on their bodies. Using a stretch mark cream or lotion that contains a high concentration of Vitamin E oil is your best option for eliminating stretch marks.

Vitamin E is one of the essential elements in the skin's natural regeneration and maintenance system, so quite naturally this became one of the favorite products to use when stretch marks were an issue. There are a number of skin moisturizers now being made that contain both Vitamin A and Vitamin E. These products help prevent stretch marks from forming and they can also be used to help reverse the damage and unsightly appearance caused by these types of skin markings.

Vitamin E is one of the best, and most effective, methods of helping someone deal with stretch marks. This natural compound has been shown to actually eliminate stretch marks by creating firmer, more elastic skin.

It is thought that Vitamin E and Vitamin A can both bolster your body's natural regeneration process of skin cells. The moisturizing effects of these vitamins will also help provide hydration to the cells which will diminish the appearance of the stretch marks.

Massaging the skin with a lotion or oil that contains Vitamin E will help improve the outward appearance of the skin. It will also allow the ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers that are the skin's natural support system. Body massage with Vitamin E can improve your skin's blood flow and circulation while this vitamin helps boost the natural production of new skin cells and collagen.

Vitamin E is one of the top ingredients now proving to be highly effective at preventing the stretch marks associated with pregnancy or weight gain. This is due to the vitamin's ability to help your body regenerate new, and stronger, skin cells at the deepest level.

As these new skin cells are formed they will begin to replace the damaged cells that are part of the striated stretch marks. Over a period of time the stretch marks can become smaller, fainter and less noticeable. Eventually you will not be able to see the striations at all.

In addition to the many stretch mark creams and oils on the market there are some other options you might want to consider. You can help provide additional Vitamin E to your body by including certain foods in your diet. Almonds and many fruits contain high levels of this vitamin and these food selections are also healthy for you to eat.

There are also Vitamin E capsules that can be purchased and used to help treat stretch marks. Then you can remove the oil from the capsules and apply it to any place where stretch marks are a concern.

Even though these options are available you will discover that a reputable stretch mark cream containing Vitamin E oil will be your best solution to effectively treat stretch marks on your skin.
Can Vitamin E Really Help Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are common problem in the cosmetic industry. Because this is a widespread problem, many cosmetic companies started to produce stretch mark creams therefore there are a lot of stretch mark creams available on the market today. These creams all claim prevent as well as treat stretch marks. All of these aim to meet your expectations.

But as an average consumer, how will you know which stretch mark cream to choose and purchase from all the creams present? What should be your basis in choosing the appropriate cream? The answers to your questions lie in the fact that the basis of your choice for the best natural stretch mark creams should be on the ingredients present. Here are certain ingredients you should look for before purchasing.

For a long time, aloe vera has proven its efficiency in healing. This has been commonly used in curing mild skin conditions such as sun burns since this is an excellent moisturizer. In preventing stretch marks, this should be used daily.

Cocoa butter is an emollient and is a naturally occurring component of cocoa beans. Like aloe vera, it has been used for hundred of years in healing and moisturizing the skin. It as well has their softening property that’s why it is added to soaps, lotions, creams, and balms.

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid which comes from sugar cane. At high levels, this acid is dangerous to the skin; therefore it is maintained at less than 10% concentration. At a maintained or regulated amount, glycolic acid is utilized by dermatologists as well as cosmetic surgeons.

Retinyl palmitate can readily be converted to retinoic acid stimulates new cell growth. Topical retinoic acid can cause photosensitivity and skin irritation therefore Retinyl Palmitate is safer to utilize. This ingredient will help in renewing your cells therefore achieving a fresher, younger looking appearance.

Shea butter is a solid fatty oil which contains stearic and oleic that are regarded as one of the best skin emollients. For this reason, it has been used and incorporated in a lot of skin care products. This ingredient is very helpful in preventing stretch marks from occurring through making the skin more elastic.

Vitamins such as vitamin C, D and E are all important in keeping the skin healthy. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which is commonly found in all stretch marks. 
Essential Ingredients In Stretch Mark Creams
Stretch marks are constant struggle among women, and sometimes, even men. These ugly lumps on the skin which could mostly be seen on the thighs part often cause embarassment and even deprives someone of the joys of wearing shorts or skirts.

These ugly marks developed because of various reasons. It could either be because of a drastic reduction in weight gain especially during pregnancy or if someone is too involved with the weight lifting scene. The skin is being stretched out faster than the designated time to create new skin cells, so there was some sort of teat in the deeper levels of the skin. Thus, the skin swell up and stretch beyond what it is capable of.

Thankfully, we live in the present times when almost all problems of the body were being offered a solution. You can even choose between treating your ugly marks by undergoing a cosmetic procedure such as endemologie treatment, laser treatment and the likes or just use the easier and more cost-effective way of treating stretch marks which is by using creams.

So how do those creams really work?

Stretch mark creams function in various ways depending on its content. There are those which work to reduce the size of the stretch marks. Products with tretinoin are a good example of this type. There are also creams which mainly function to relieve stretch marks by increasing cell rejuvenation. The usual ingredients of this kind are retinoid, retinol, and retinaldehyde. For the rejuvenation of the skin, creams which contain cocoa butter, lanolin and germ oil are very much essential. Other creams work by reducing the appearance of stretch marks, repairing the collagen and elastic stimulation of the skin and helping the gradual fading of the marks.

Ingredients play an important role in measurement of the stretch mark cream’s efficiency and safety to use. Most creams also contain lavender oil and aloe vera to speed up the fading process, restore the skin, and heal it. Vitamins K and E are also staple contents of stretch mark creams since they rejuvenate the skin and heal scar tissues.
It is always better to prevent the development of any stretch marks. Creams that are tested to be of good quality and are used regularly could prevent the formation of stretch marks. They help nourish and moisturize, therefore increases the elasticity of the skin and consequently decreases the risk of stretch marks.

Natural ways of making the skin healthy are always recommended even you are using stretch mark creams. These include eating healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and exercise. They naturally make your skin healthy.
How Do Stretch Mark Creams Work?
One of the most common things that pregnant women worry about is stretch marks. These unsightly skin lines can be found along the abdomen, thighs, upper legs, under the breasts, and the butt. The skin around these areas stretches, which may start to appear during the early stages of the pregnancy. Stretch marks are dark-purpled web-like lines which turns lighter in color after several months. In most cases, stretch marks will not disappear after the woman gives birth. As much as 90 percent of women get stretch marks during the whole period of their pregnancies.

Collagen can be found in the body's cells, organs, tissues, and bone structure. This protein supports the body's healthy skin tissues. When its production is reduced, the skin ultimately suffers and gets damaged. During pregnancy, women produce hormones that make the collagen weaker around some parts of the body, the process being a natural part of pregnancy and childbirth phase. It is at this stage that the stretch marks appear because of the decreased collagen presence in the skin that cannot support the stretching of the skin brought on the by the growing baby in the womb and weight gain.

There are other causes for the breakdown of the collagen in a woman's body aside from pregnancy. These are constant exposure to the ultraviolet rays when one is often out in the sun without the proper protection or being overweight because of the over-stretching of skin brought on by the excess pounds. Having the natural production of the body's collagen reduced or damaged for either of these three common reasons leads wrinkles, dry, unhealthy-looking skin, and yes, the unsightly stretch marks.

It is then very important that the presence or production of collagen in the skin is maintained to avoid these possible skin damages. Prevention is even recommended with the use of the proper clothing and sunscreen protection for those who love to get out into the sun. Overweight people can try to eat healthily to avoid getting the extra pounds. Pregnant women, especially, can also make a head start by applying collagen creams in the prone areas of their body even during the first few months of their pregnancy.

Taking vitamin C also helps to stimulate the production of a healthy amount of collagen in the skin. This vitamin can be found in most fruits that one can always buy at anytime. A good stretch mark collagen cream that helps to stimulate the exact production of collagen in the skin is a good preventive measure that pregnant women can safely apply. Apart from encouraging the production of that healthy dose of protein in the skin tissues, these collagen creams also moisturize the skin and stimulate the production of elastin.

 The best stretch mark removal creams contain the right amount of vitamins, lipids, and antioxidants which also serve to remove dead skin cells, hydrate dry skins, and encourage the skin's healthy glow and elasticity.
Collagen And Stretch Marks
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