Tummy Honey Butter Review
Tummy honey is an all natural line of stretch mark treatments from a company called Bella B. This line of cream involves a prevention cream and stick, as well as a fading cream. The fading cream is the one we will focus on for the purpose of this article/review. Tummy honey is one of the more popular brands of all natural stretch mark treatments, let’s take a look at the ingredients and see if its popularity is deserved.

Darutoside: Is the active ingredient in Tummy Honey and has been used for centuries on the skin to soothe inflammation and stimulate wound healing. It stimulates wound healing by promoting tissue regeneration, and collagen production.

Until recently there was patent on Darutoside held by Pierre Fabre Medicaments; they stated “Darutoside’s ability to stimulate wound healing, to promote more regular tissue renewal, to increase the normal appearance of scars and to fully restore elasticity to damaged skin with collagen fibers arranged in regular fashion”.

This ingredient theoretically will improve the appearance of stretch marks by improving the condition if the skin fibers forming the scar. Darutoside has shown positive results in reducing the appearance of stretch marks in roughly 50% of clinical test subjects. This is a common ingredient in much higher priced stretch mark creams.

There are several other ingredients in Tummy Honey that are meant to sooth, moisturize, and protect the skin. Such as:

Cocoa Butter, shea butter, vitamins D and E, wheat germ oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, almond oil, and aloe vera.

This all natural formula is widely known for its ability to prevent stretch marks and no so known for its ability to treat them once they have occurred. Tummy Honey is a wonderful all natural product that has received much recognition in pregnancy, and parenting magazines because of its 100% natural formula. From an ingredient stand point, there are fewer products on the market that are better at preventing stretch marks from forming. But the product could do a little better from the treatment stand point.

The active ingredient, Darutoside, is a truly amazing ingredient that no bout will decrease the appearance of the stretch mark. But, Tummy Honey could take this formula through the top with the addition of other all natural active ingredients. However, one could view the lack of active ingredients as a sure sign that the one active ingredient they list is potent enough to support the cream all on its own…after all it has proven itself in clinical trials!

With Tummy Honey being so reasonably priced there is no risk involved. Sure there are other products that have far more active ingredients, and a large lab to create the most cutting edge formula available. But the advantage of Tummy Honey over the other all natural products is the price! If you wanted to try an all natural product without breaking the bank, Tummy Honey is the product to try. It has a powerful active ingredient, and a full line of skin supporting and moisturizing inactive ingredients. Even if Tummy Honey does not deliver the results you expected, your skin will definitely benefit from its soothing moisturizing formula.

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