To Get Rid Of Stretck Marks With Gotu Kola?
The herb Gotu kola is a creeper (vine) that grows in swampy areas in tropical regions and its leaves and roots are used medicinally. Apparently it is available in tablet form, capsules, extracts, powder, tinctures and as an ointment, meaning it can work from both the inside and the outside on your skin, to heal wounds, psoriasis and as a stretch mark cream.

However we think you should make up your own mind about using this herb for stretch mark removal because from my point of view I consider it is not without certain risks, and for this reason would not actually be able to recommend it one hundred percent.

Firstly it does not appear to interact well with some other medications, as well as several herbs. You should not use Gotu Kola if you are pregnant or even after the birth if you are breast-feeding. It can raise both blood sugar and cholesterol levels and may make you drowsy or dizzy.

It contains substances, which stimulate protein and collagen production to heal the stretch mark, but at the same time can make your skin sensitive the sun, so do you really want to risk painful sunburn?

We recommend using Striafade to get rid of stretch marks, as we also feel using this herb may be too risky.
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Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
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Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
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Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
Get Rid Of Stretch Mark
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